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A note about water shutoff due to non-payment

When you receive your first bill but we do not receive payment by the due date of the 10th of the next month your water billing account will be assessed a late charge.  When you see that late charge be sure to pay the past due before the 10th of the second month or on the 11th of the second month your account will be assessed a secondary shutoff notice charge.  You will also receive a shutoff notice in the mail (please note that if you do not receive a shutoff notice in the mail you may want to check with your post office.  Also, as it is the customers' responsibility to make sure they receive a bill and to pay their bills whether or not they receive a bill or notice from us you may want to keep track of these due dates above and if you do not receive a bill from us be sure to call us).  Once the shutoff notice and charge is assessed to your account you must then pay the full balance on the account (the past due bill and the current bill along with all late charges) before the date printed on the shutoff notice.  Note: If you are the customer on the account or the landlord you may call our office to make payment arrangements.  The payment arrangements will give you until the next month to pay in full.  We are happy to work with our customers to help them out to give them more time to pay their bills but we can only let the bill go so long as if we gave more time the bill would get larger and larger and we have found gets harder to pay in full.  So, essentially, we give people almost 3 months to pay their bill.

If your meter is shut off for non-payment you will need to pay a turn-on charge plus the full balance on your account, you MUST call us for a payoff balance to get the meter turned back on.  Note: Xpress Bill Pay will NOT have the correct amount to pay.  Also, we will not know that you want the meter turned back on unless you call us, we do not monitor payments for turn-ons as many customers overpay on their accounts.  If you would like to pay by mail please include a note with your check stating that you would like to have your meter unlocked (again, please call for a pay-off balance which will include a turn-on fee and the full balance on the account).  Note: the turn-on fee will not be assessed to your account until you pay it in full (you will not see it on your bill until the field crew physically goes out to your meter and unlocks the meter...thus it is called a turn-on fee).