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Where Does Your Water Come From?

Do you have any idea where your water comes from? Seal Rock Water District's customers live from South Beach to Bayshore, but the 7 million gallons of water they use each month comes from the same place, through hundreds of miles of pipes.

The water is pumped out of the Siletz River and piped to Toledo's water treatment plant. Once treated, it is pumped along S. Bay Road and literally through the woods to our secondary treatment facility near Thiel Creek. Then the water goes to our storage tanks at Lost Creek and Driftwood and to the north-south main transmission lines on the east side of Highway 101. There are smaller pipes branching off the main lines that feed neighborhoods and eventually your house. Along the way, there are thousands of valves, another pump or two, and all that pipe that requires periodic replacement and repair.

Seal Rock Water District flyer regarding our new water supply project
Map showing route of new water supply through Beaver Creek