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How to sign up for paperless billing

Why sign up for paperless billing:

  • It’s free
  • It saves trees and reduces waste
  • It makes viewing your bill simple, easy and concise
  • You can enroll all your Seal Rock Water District accounts in Paperless Billing
  • You can go back to paper billing any time


  • Step 1:Go to


  • Step 2:To set up a new account, click on "Sign Up" or "Create a New Account" and complete the short registration form, including e-mail address and password.
    If you are already signed up with Xpress Bill Pay, log in with your e-mail address and password.


  • Step 3:Select your billing organization (Seal Rock Water District) and follow the prompts for linking your bill. Make sure the box to “Opt In” for "Paperless eBill” is checked if you would like to stop your paper statements & receive an email notification each month when your new eBill is available online for viewing and payment.


  • Step 4:Once your bill is added to your account, you can view and pay your bill online, or setup a recurring auto payment schedule.
    If you need assistance in setting up your online bill payment, call 1-800-720-6847 to speak with an agent today!


  • How will I remember to pay each month if I don’t get a paper bill?Xpress Bill Pay will send you an email notification each month when your new eBill is available online for viewing and payment.
  • How do I pay with Paperless Billing?You can pay on, or sign up for Auto Pay to automatically pay each month. All you need is a bank account, debit card, or credit card, and it saves time, paper, and postage.
  • Can I still see my details?Yes, you can view your billing details anytime simply by logging in to
  • Can I print out my bill each month?Yes, there is a print option available on
  • How long are my bills available online?You can retrieve bills up to 24 months after the bill close date. Plus, you can print copies for your files if you need to.
  • Is it safe? Can anyone else see my bills online?Yes, Paperless Billing is safe. Only you, and those you’ve given permission to can access your account and view your bill online at