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Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership Website

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Mid-Coast Integrated Water Management and Implementation Actions

Balancing Water Needs in Oregon's Mid-Coast Region, from Cascade Head to Cape Perpetua

Oregon's Mid-Coast needs reliable water supplies for people, the economy, and native fish and wildlife. Although the Mid-Coast receives about 70 inches of rainfall annually, local communities struggle to meet water demands. Stream supplies are lowest in the summer when demand for drinking water, tourism, and recreation is greatest. Our partnership is a collaborative effort to develop regional sustainable solutions that provide adequate water supplies for water systems and local industry while supporting healthy fish and wildlife populations. The partnership consists of water associations, city and community residents, tribes, businesses, nonprofit organizations, federal and state agencies, local governments, landowners, academic institutions, and others. Regional water planning will help us understand where our water comes from, how it is used, and how we can best work together to manage this valuable resource.